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Company YELLOWPAGES.COM is the online destination for AT&T Advertising and Publishing. Consumers can locate merchants, search White Pages directories, research products and services, obtain maps and directions, and plan entertainment, leisure and travel activities. Wireless search features allow users to search directory listings while "on the go."The company distributes its advertiser content through AOL Yellow Pages, Switchboard, AnyWho, Yahoo! Yellow Pages, and Yahoo! Local.
  • AdMission provides a tool to YELLOWPAGES.COM that gives advertisers the ability to build their own ads.
  • AOL receives listings from YELLOWPAGES.COM.
  • YELLOWPAGES.COM advertisers are featured on Switchboard.com's online directory network.
  • YELLOWPAGES.COM advertisers are featured on Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Yellow Pages.
  • YELLOWPAGES.COM uses Marchex services to fulfill the YPclicks! Search Engine Solutions search marketing packages sold by YELLOWPAGES.COM and AT&T across the United States.

  • HeadquartersPasadena, Calif.

    Last Update: 09/12/08