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Call Genie : www.callgenie.com

Company Call Genie specializes in voice-based search technology for Yellow Pages directory content by category and location. Based in Canada, Call Genie offers its Enhanced Voice Directory to Yellow Pages publishers, fixed and mobile carriers and Directory Assistance operators around the world.
  • Call Genie?s Enhanced Voice Directory? product is based on voice recognition and text to speech technology from Nuance.
  • Call Genie powers JaxSayHello and 1-800-CallDex.
  • Call Genie provides its Enhanced Voice Directory business category search product to AT&T for their directory assistance feature.
  • Call Genie distributes audio ads for Idearc's pay-for-performance advertisers.
  • Call Genie delivers YELLOWPAGES.COM local business listings and content through its distribution network.
  • Tools and
    310-YELO: Developed in partnership with Yellow Pages Group Co., 310-YELO is a location-based, interactive, Enhanced Voice Directory (EVD) service that allows consumers to access business listings via mobile and landline phones.

    Call Genie EVD? (Enhanced Voice Directory):
    Blends modern speech recognition / synthesis technology from Nuance with sophisticated proprietary grammars and search algorithms to guide callers through an interactive voice dialogue to find merchants in the category and location of their choice. For a selected merchant, EVD? lets callers hear additional information, such as how to locate them, and lets the caller connect through to the merchant.
    HeadquartersCall Genie Inc. 325 Milner Avenue, Suite 1001 Toronto, ON M1B 5S8 416-619?3900 www.callgenie.com

    Last Update: 04/18/08