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JumpTap : www.jumptap.com

Company Launched in 2005, JumpTap helps subscribers find content on mobile phones with an integrated search platform, providing wireless carriers with a mobile-specific search engine, user interface and mobile search index. Additionally, JumpTap?s advertising suite gives advertisers the ability to reach consumers via handheld devices.
PartnersJumpTap works with wireless operators, technology and content providers and advertising partners including Alltel Wireless, Associated Press, Boost Mobile, iCrossing, Superpages.com, Third Screen Media and Virgin Mobile.
Tools and
Search Interface: Delivered in WAP, BREW and Java applications, the JumpTap Search Interface provides navigation and organized content.

Search Engine: The JumpTap mobile search engine provides search results including WAP portal content, location-based local content and other mobile-specific information.

Mobile Search Index: A catalog of Web sites designed for mobile phones, enabling wireless carriers to help mobile subscribers find relevant Internet content.

Headquarters245 First St., Suite 1100 Cambridge, Mass. 617-301-4550 www.jumptap.com

Last Update: 01/02/08