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Tellme : www.tellme.com

Company Tellme, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft, combines Internet data and a voice interface to provide local search results for businesses, maps and directions by voice (1-800-555-TELL), by text (TELLM 83556) or by application (TellMe Mobile). In addition, Tellme offers a VoiceXML platform for enterprise voice services.
PartnersTellme partners with a wide range of companies, from systems integrators to application development firms, who leverage the Tellme platform.
Tools and
Tellme by Voice: Call 1-800-555-TELL and say "business search" to find a business listing or search for a particular category, such as "flower shops," from any phone, including a map for the selected listing. Callers can also find movie tickets, ring tones, sports and news.

Tellme by Text: Consumers can send a text message to TELLM (83556) with a business request and get a text message back with the business listing and a link to a map.

Tellme by Mobile: Users can speak a request and then see results displayed on their phone screen for a voice + visual search, including maps and driving directions. Download the Tellme by Mobile beta by visiting http://www.tellme.com (or http://m.tellme.com from your mobile phone).
HeadquartersTellme Networks, Inc. 1310 Villa Street Mountain View, CA 94041 650-930-9000 www.tellme.com

Last Update: 09/12/08