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go2 Media : www.go2.com

Company Launched in 1999, go2 is an Internet Yellow Pages for several major wireless carriers, including Sprint, Verizon and Boost. go2 currently operates custom local search directories, including go2 Movies, go2 Dining, go2 Golf, go2 Travel go2 Pets and more than 300 mobile Web sites dedicated to specific colleges and universities throughout the U.S. (e.g. go2 UCLA, go2 Harvard, etc.). go2 offers movie theater information, customer specials and promotions, one-touch calling and turn-by-turn directions and uses GPS and other location technologies to provide local search results ranked by proximity.
PartnersAlltel, Ampd Mobile, Boost Mobile, Cingular, MetroPCS, Revol, Sprint PCS and Verizon Wireless include select go2 Directories on their wireless Web menus.
InfoUSA, Maptuit, and Tribune Media Services provide go2 content, maps and directions.  go2 pay-per-call distribution network includes U.S. wireless carriers and the Ingenio Pay-Per-Call distribution and reseller network.

Headquarters2850 Red Hill Ave., Suite 225 Santa Ana, CA 92705 949-553-0800 www.go2.com

Last Update: 09/12/08