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The Kelsey Group reports that 74 percent of Internet users perform local searches.

Search Engines

Search Engines today include a lot more than organic search - from news and images, to travel and finance. However, local search is a top search engine priority, as The Kelsey Group reports that three out of four Internet users are performing searches for information within their local communities.

Demand Keeps Search Engines Focused on Local

As local search continues to be a dominant force on the search engine scene, the demand for a better local search experience, for both users and advertisers, continues. Virtually every search engine company is expanding its local search capabilities and products.

Search engines are striving to improve local search relevancy by using tools to better understand user intent and are continuing to enhance the user experience with personalization, mobile features, advanced mapping, user reviews and more. Local search is also a source of advertising revenue for search engines as many small businesses have yet to integrate online advertising into their marketing programs.