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YELLOWPAGES.COM's iPhone application is called YPMobile.

YELLOWPAGES.COM is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T.

YELLOWPAGES.COM : www.yellowpages.com
YELLOWPAGES.COM is the online destination for AT&T Advertising and Publishing. Consumers can locate merchants, search White Pages directories, research products and services, obtain maps and directions, and plan entertainment, leisure and travel activities. Wireless search features allow users to search directory listings while "on the go." The company distributes its advertiser content through AOL Yellow Pages, Switchboard, AnyWho, Yahoo! Yellow Pages, and Yahoo! Local.
  • AdMission provides a tool to YELLOWPAGES.COM that gives advertisers the ability to build their own ads.
  • AOL receives listings from YELLOWPAGES.COM.
  • YELLOWPAGES.COM advertisers are featured on Switchboard.com's online directory network.
  • YELLOWPAGES.COM advertisers are featured on Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Yellow Pages.
  • YELLOWPAGES.COM uses Marchex's services to fulfill the YPclicks! Search Engine Solutions search marketing packages sold by YELLOWPAGES.COM and AT&T across the United States.
  • Call Genie provides its Enhanced Voice Directory business category search product to AT&T for their directory assistance feature.
  • YELLOWPAGES.COM uses Turnhere to produce online videos for its Video Profile product.
  • YELLOWPAGES.COM provides ad listings to Microsoft Corp.'s local search Web sites.

  • Advertising
    YPclicks!: Flat-rate local search advertising package in which the advertiser is guaranteed exposure. Four packages are offered and each are based on the advertiser's desired volume of clicks. TrafficLeader, who runs the program, buys keywords on each search engine on behalf of advertisers, guaranteeing them a certain number of clicks per month. TrafficLeader also enables YellowPages.com to create reporting data and send on to advertisers.

    Featured Directory Listings:
    Priority placement product with three levels — City Bronze, Enhanced Business Card and Basic Business Card.

    Targeted Banner Ads: Priority placement ads with design assistance, links to Web sites or e-mail addresses, and a choice of state or national banner ads.

    Targeted Display Ads: Ads that link to a business Web site or e-mail address.

    YELLOWPAGES.com Mobile (http://yellowpages.com): Wireless users can access a version of YELLOWPAGES.COM designed for wireless viewing. Currently available on 20 AT&T mobile devices and BlackBerry® devices.

    YP411: Consumers can send a text message to YP411 (97411) containing a business name or business type, along with a ZIP code or city and state, to receive up to three local listings returned in SMS form. Consumers can initiate a phone call from the message or, on enabled phones, follow a Web link to see more information, such as maps and driving directions.

    YELLOWPAGES.com Send to Mobile: PC users can send search results from YELLOWPAGES.COM to their wireless phones in the form of a text message, including driving directions.

    1-800-YELLOWPAGES: Gives consumers free directory assistance for business listings while providing businesses with further advertising options. Landline and wireless callers who dial 1-800-YELLOWPAGES (1-800-935-5697) from area codes within nine Southeastern states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, can receive a listing for a specific business at no cost. Callers will hear short audio ads before receiving the number.

    HeadquartersPasadena, Calif.
    2008YELLOWPAGES.COM launches an iPhone application - YPMobile.

    YELLOWPAGES.COM begins providing ad listings to Microsoft Corp.'s local search Web sites.

    YELLOWPAGES.COM partners with Turnhere to produce online videos.
    2007YELLOWPAGES.COM launches an iPhone application - YPMobile.

    YELLOWPAGES.COM begins providing ad listings to Microsoft Corp.'s local search Web sites.

    YELLOWPAGES.COM partners with Turnhere to produce online videos.
    2006AdMission provides YELLOWPAGES.COM with a self-service ad creation tool.

    YELLOWPAGES.COM partners with MSN to use Microsoft's Virtual Earth mapping platform.

    YELLOWPAGES.COM signs distribution deal with Yahoo! Local.
    2005YELLOWPAGES.COM partners with Amdocs.

    YellowPages.com, RealPages.com and SMARTpages.com combine into one URL and relaunch as YELLOWPAGES.COM.

    YellowPages.com begins to provide listings to AOL.

    YellowPages.com, RealPages.com and SMARTpages.com enters a distribution agreement with Switchboard.com.

    YellowPages.com launches advertising product YPclicks!
    2004BellSouth and SBC Communications acquires YellowPages.com.

    YellowPages.com partners with Interchange.

    Yellow Pages.com partners with WorldPages.com.
    1996YellowPages.com is founded.

    Last Update: 09/12/08